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WHEN we boys began to be old enough to
fend for ourselves in the open, we wanted
to become toughened like our braves; and so early
in our youth we would start to run away from
our homes and stay away for days at a time. We
would steal away an extra gun or arrow set,
owned by our father or one of our uncles, and,
taking a small hunting teepee along with us,
would leave our camp in the darkness of night,
to seek adventure on our own. We even aspired
to meet some of the enemy Crows sometime and
give them a battle—but the Great Spirit only
knows what would have happened to us if we ever
had come across any of the Crows, Fortunately
we did not*

But we did come across some Crow boys one
day, and I shall not soon forget it* Five of us
youngsters had left our camp and gone over to a
coulee with underbrush growing in it, and